NYC Supersize Soda Ban Starts March 12


It’s been a long and sugar-coated road toward banning sodas over 16-ounce sizes. But earlier this week, the Health Department confirmed that Mayor Bloomberg’s rule won’t really be enforced until March 12. In the meantime, violators will just get warning notices.

After the grace period, retailers selling oversized drinks risk accruing $200 fines. The ban affects fast-food chains, theaters, delis, cafeterias, but not convenience stores or supermarkets. To the sheer delight of many, the Big Gulp will live on.

Soda retailers have sued to try to stop Bloomberg’s plan from taking effect but city officials say the ban is a groundbreaking step in fighting obesity. Earlier this week Coca-Cola voiced that their sugary drinks can contribute to obesity and maybe moderation is the answer.

Even if New Yorkers don’t like the idea of Bloomberg telling us what and how much we can drink, we agree that shoving double-digit ounces of high fructose corn syrup into our bodies is less than ideal.