Poll: New Yorkers Heart Police Commissioner


Everybody loves Raymond. A Quinnipiac University survey of 1,332 residents of New York City made public today gives the commissioner a record high 75% approval rating. This is Kelly’s highest rating to date.

A large majority of voters–across gender, race and party lines–would prefer that Ray Kelly remain Police Commissioner under the city’s next mayor. Mayor Bloomberg’s approval rating was 56% in the same poll. However, we’re pretty sure that would have been higher if they were looking at a picture of him in a sweater. (It’s called Hampton’s chic, look it up.)

Voters also gave Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott a 45% approval rating. Unfortunately, voters were not asked which of these three men they would rather high five. This is surprising considering a high five is the world’s ultimate approval rating.

Commissioner Kelly’s high marks are sure to have political ramifications in the upcoming mayoral race. 63% of people called by pollsters, said that if any mayoral candidate promised to ask Ray Kelly to stay on as commissioner, that would be viewed as one reason to vote for that candidate. In case you were wondering, mayoral candidates, Commissioner Kelly likes ties.