Pomegranate Juice Not All It’s Cracked up to Be


The Federal Trade Commission is forcing POM Wonderful to stop exaggerating claims on their advertisements (see above). POM’s main marketing campaign has showed that drinking the elixir from a bulbous, blood-red bottle can help treat heart disease, prostate cancer, and erectile dysfunction.

The FTC has been fighting POM since 2010 and the Wall Street Journal said that this ruling could affect other products out there that claim to “treat a disease.”

The company responded in a statement and said, “POM Wonderful categorically rejects the FTC’s assertion that our advertisements made any misleading disease treatment or other health claims.” Now the company has 60 days to ask a federal appeals court to reverse the commission’s findings. (When it comes to the science of cheating death, we suggest watching Final Destination.)

Conclusion: Pomegranate juice is just really overpriced. It is not a substitute for medicine.