Yelp Adding Health Department Scores to Listings


In a partnership with Yelp, the City will begin uploading its health inspection data onto the review site. Restaurant listings on Yelp will soon include the establishment’s DOH letter grade along with a link to a full report with violations, Bloomberg reports. San Francisco is up first, with New York to follow in a few weeks.

“By making often hard-to-find government information more widely available to innovative companies like Yelp, we can make government more transparent and improve public-health outcomes for our residents through the power of technology,” [San Francisco Mayor Ed] Lee said in the statement.

I like the idea of information being easier to access, but wonder if Yelp is really the best place for it. How will easy access to the data affect a restaurant’s reviews, and more importantly, its business? And how will the Yelp community respond to things like temperature violations, or evidence or mice?

At the very least, we can expect good fodder for Real Actors Read Yelp.