Ah Ha! Moment: Armstrong Confesses to Oprah


Two people had a discussion last night that has been a long time coming. A question was asked and with an answer in the affirmative, their entire relationship changed. Though the description sounds like a delightful marriage proposal, this was actually a television interview.

“Yes.” With one word Lance Armstrong finally admitted he doped. During the first section of a two-part interview last night with Oprah Winfrey on her OWN network, the disgraced former cycling champion acknowledged what he had lied about repeatedly for years.

While Armstrong refused to name names, he did praise Oprah for her question-asking abilities and admit to disgracing the color yellow. He also let Oprah know that he totally did not call her fat.

Most importantly, Lance Armstrong admitted that he was the ringleader of an elaborate doping scheme on a U.S. Postal Service team. A scheme that worked, sending him to the podium at the Tour de France again and again. “I’m a flawed character,” he said.

He shared his theory that he might not have been caught if not for his comeback in 2009. We think all of this could have been avoided if he simply had taken L.L. Cool J’s advice and not called it a comeback.

Will Leitch at Sports on Earth has a fantastic breakdown of the numbers from last night’s Oprah interview. Leitch’s breakdown includes the following gems:

Times Lance touched his chest: 7

Times Lance denied something: 27

Times Lance admitted something: 28

Times Lance lost track of the number of people he sued: 2

Times Lance laughed before answering a question: 8

Times Lance attributed his mistakes to his desire to win at all costs: 3

Number of commercials in the last 15 minutes of the OWN interview: 13

Times Lance admitted that the clip he just watched of himself was him lying: 4

Times Oprah laughed: 2