Homeless Man Gets Angry, Blowtorches His Wife And Boss


The New York Post reported today that Carlos Diaz, a 35-year-old homeless man, was held without bail yesterday after allegedly trying to set fire to his estranged wife and the boss who fired him from his job at an Inwood auto body shop.

It started on Wednesday, when Diaz approached his wife, who he thought was cheating on him.  say he sprayed her in the face with lighter fluid, then set fire to her with a blowtorch. Her entire head was consumed, and she suffered burns to her face, lips and neck.
Next, Diaz went to his old shop and found his boss. Diaz doused him with gasoline, but somehow, his boss managed to scamper away.
Apparently Diaz confessed to the crime, saying his goal was to “burn them both alive.”