Police: Brooklyn Teen Made 400 Prank Calls


In true pre-Internet hijinks and Jerky Boys fashion, a Brooklyn teen “disguised his voice as a girl” and made over 400 calls to 911 to phone in fake emergencies, police said yesterday. The New York Post reports that since last May, Dean Whylie, 16, made 404 calls reporting non-existent incidents. There are no reports that the teen was answering the pleas of Wyclef Jean.

Police alleged that Whylie used two phones that weren’t yet activated. The phones were set up for emergency calls only, which is what made it so hard to trace the hundreds of fake reports.  Also we assume his “girl voice disguise” was pretty convincing as it’s the go-to for hacky 1980s comedies everywhere.

Fake calls were reported at a few different Brooklyn Precincts, but the majority came from the 70th Precinct. The teen was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, criminal impersonation, obstruction of governmental administration, filing false reports and criminal nuisance.

He gave no explanation as to why he made the prank calls. We suspect it has something to do with grossly poor judgment and a terrible sense of humor. Or perhaps he just misses the simpler times before people used the Internet to tell lies. We can’t argue there; why don’t more people pick up the phone and tell lies mouth to ear anymore?