Workin’ 9 to 5: NYC Government Salaries Lag Behind Other Cities


The New York Times is comparing the salaries of New York City government workers to those working the same jobs in other cities. The good news, of course, is while they have less money, they do not have mo’ problems. That is, if you concede to the arguments presented here. This is concerning when you consider that NYC municipal workers used to make more than their counterparts in some of these cities and also they work hard for their money. So hard for it honey.

From the NYTimes:

In 2011, local government employees in California’s four biggest cities made an average of $60,800 ($72,600 in San Francisco), compared with $50,600 in New York. (The comparisons are adjusted for local living costs.)

Salaries of New York’s municipal employees overall also trail those in Baltimore ($54,000), Boston ($63,000), Chicago ($56,000), Detroit ($55,600), Philadelphia ($51,200) and Seattle ($55,000).

New York City workers make more than their counterparts in Texas’s biggest cities, but by 2008 they began trailing local government workers in the nation’s 13 biggest cities (outside of California, New York and Texas).

What these numbers do not take into account is access to delicious pizza. We estimate that New Yorkers earn an extra 10 million points a year when you factor in proximity to delightful thin-crust pizza. Unfortunately, landlords continue to refuse to accept rent payments in points earned from abstract concepts.

New York City’s Independent Budget Office has an interesting line graph of the information. That is if you find line graphs interesting, which you probably do if you’re reading about the salaries of municipal workers.