Trinidadian Brunch: Doubles and Bakes in Flatbush


“Doubles” is singular, but also plural. It’s a classic conundrum.

There’s a whole class of snacks dispensed at Trinidadian fast-food restaurants, eaten at breakfast, lunch, or anywhere in between — constituting a sort of seven-days-a-week form of brunch. The menu should be of particular interest to vegans and pescatarians especially.

Bake & Things is a Trinidadian bakery and snack shop on Flatbush a stone’s throw from Brooklyn College.

Doubles is one of the most fundamental of Trinidaian dishes, a pair of small poori-like breads with a filling of chick pea curry, showing the origins of much food from the island in Indian fare with an African flare. Two or three doubles (one is also called a doubles) make a fine meal. Priced at $1.50 each, you can afford it.

For a larger feed, turn to the sandwich called a bake. It’s made on a homemade sheet bread also called a bake, which can be made from flour or whole-wheat flour, with water or with coconut milk. The coconut-milk version is more crumbly and rich. Paradoxically, you can also select a deep-fried bread, called a fry bake.

Once you’re selected the bake to use, or have selected a roll called a hops, you need to pick your filling, many of which involve fish. The one shown below is made with smoked herring mashed into a salad, but you can also select fried fish, fried shark (a favorite beach snack in Trinidad), chicken, goat, or vegetables. The bread is sliced, dressed with the filling, and then delivered to you for $3.50 to $4.

Hungrier? Bake & Things also sells rotis and full dinners in sizes large and small.

Bake & Things
1489 Flatbush Avenue
Flatbush, Brookly

The herring bake mades a very filling meal, here shown on a coconut bake.