5 Political Shows to Fuel Your Inauguration Fever


The speech is over, the lunch is finished, and the parade is complete, but we’re still here in New York. While you’re unlikely to make it to DC in time for the balls and even more unlikely to gain entry despite how spot on your Joe Biden impersonation may be, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy some politics today.

And what better, or more American, a way to celebrate anything than to watch television? Here are 5 shows that will cure your hankering for government gals, legislative agendas, and backroom deal boys of all merits without having to sit in traffic all the way down I-95. Remember: the best kind of political party is one with a television.

1. Parks & Recreation: Small-town politics meets big time laughs in this show where Amy Poehler has enough civic duty to fill a Honda Civic. Something to look out for: Ron Swanson because if you don’t, he will steal and eat your bacon.

2. VEEP: Look it’s Elaine from Seinfeld! Did you know she is even more funny, smart, and beautiful on this show? It’s true. Be careful though, this show is so dry that any friction in the viewing area could cause your television to burst into flames.

3. Thick of It: A satirical British comedy television series that winds through the inner workings of modern English government. Come for the accents and stay for the ability to tell your friends you like this version better when it inevitably becomes a softer American adaptation.

4. 1600 Penn: While it’s not the most complicated or convincingly written television show, it’s easy to watch. There are plenty of potentially interesting plotlines in the episodes to come and plenty of secret service code name jokes.

5. West Wing: What is arguably the best political drama series of all time–though we’re not really sure there are too many alternatives–is now available entirely on Netflix instant. It’s also great fun for Stockard Channing enthusiasts, which really includes everyone.