5 Lesser-Known Ways to Survive the NYC Cold Snap of 2013


Not cool, weather. Literally, it is not cool. In fact, it’s bitter cold. It’s colder than a [insert body part of fantastical Winterland inhabitant here]. I said, brr it’s cold in here, there must be some lingering Arctic air in the atmosphere!” Get used to these jokes because it’s going to get even colder tomorrow.

“The combination of lingering Arctic air and two merging storms has the potential to spread a large swath of snow, wintry mix and slippery travel from the Midwest to the East at the end of the week,” AccuWeather reports.

On Staten Island, staying warm is especially challenging for victims of Superstorm Sandy who still don’t have heat. “This is New York and there are people freezing here,” resident Anthony Marotto told CBS News.

“No heat, no hot water, no kitchens, no bathrooms, can’t even take a shower, can’t even go to the bathroom and wash your hands and there’s so many people down here like that.” Volunteers are setting up tents with hot food and space heaters for residents there who will definitely need them.

Even if your situation is not as dire as those affected by Sandy, you might need a little help turning up the heat this week. Here’s a look at 5 unique ways to stay warm when your chills are multiplying.

1. Hot Chocolate – Drink it or bathe in it, the choice is yours. However, bathing in it allows you to gain all of the heat and none of the calories. Plus, while your skin may be sticky, it will smell absolutely intoxicating.

2. Get a steam at the Russian and Turkish Baths – Revel in a place whose most common descriptors are “no frills” and “not a spa”. Despite this, it should do the job. This is a guide about getting warm, not getting fancy.

3. HOT Street Food – There are so many examples of street food with the word “hot” in it. Hot pretzels, hot dogs, hot cross buns–okay so maybe hot cross buns can be difficult to find on the street. If none of these are for you, try to initiate a slow burn from the inside with the ghost pepper, or other spicy dishes.

4. Layers – Bear Grylls and Refinery 29 agree that layers are the way to go in the winter months. When a Chief Scout and survivalist agrees with a New York fashion editor on what to wear–you should probably go with it. Or you could fashion a wetsuit from seal skin.

5. Crowds – According to Backpackers magazine, hearsay, and many situation comedies, skin-to-skin contact is a good way to keep warm in emergency freezing situations. While we don’t recommend showing your skin outdoors right now, or ever really, New Yorkers can easily find a crowd of people within which to huddle. Start with the interior of a rush-hour F train car and if you’re still cold try supermarket checkout lines or the doorway of any popular brunch spot.