Pretty Chill: Glowing Ice Cubes Tell You When It’s Time to Stop Drinking


Last week, everyone was excited about a fork that helped curb eating habits by flickering based on the speed of bites. Now, smarty pants product designer, Dhairya Dand, has invented “Cheers“, glow-in-the-dark “ice” cubes that change colors based on a person’s alcohol consumption.

According to Food Republic, Dand started playing around with the “jelly ice cubes” following an evening of hard partying. He conveniently works at MIT’s Media Lab, and spent some time last summer playing around with the prototype cubes that change color based on ambient noise.

On his website, Dand says the cubes, “know how fast and how much you are drinking. [They] change color from green to orange to finally red as you keep drinking beyond the safety limit. If things get out of control, the cubes send a text to your close friend using your smartphone.”

The real question: would knowing you’ve hit your ideal consumption limit make you stop drinking? [FR]

Cheers – alcohol-aware glowing ice-cubes that beat to ambient music from Dhairya Dand on Vimeo.