Three Explicitly Sexy Films Coming Your Way With Major Stars


It’s definitely a trend, and they’ve all been showing at Sundance.

In Don Jon’s Addiction, writer/director Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a guy who’s so addicted to online porn he can’t have real relationships.

In Kill Your Darlings, Daniel Radcliffe plays poet Allen Ginsburg and is seen receiving oral pleasure from a Barnard co-ed, later enjoying the horizontal mambo with a guy. (The first of many, I guess.) Radcliffe’s goblet is really on fire, apparently.

And in Lovelace, Amanda Seyfried is porn legend Linda Lovelace, who the miserables porn industry mistreated until she hoisted herself by her own deep throat and took control.

Sounds hot! When quality films worthy of festival attention delve into sexual obsessions and graphic explorations, I’m there, desperately trying to applaud with one hand.