Watch a Gluten Free Les Miz Parody: One Grain More


What if, instead of Javert, Jean Valjean had to fight an aversion to white flour? Answer: he probably wouldn’t have stolen that loaf of bread in the first place.

Musical theatre performer and composer, Michael Bihovsky, pays homage to Les Miz while exploring the plight of those living with food allergies in his video, “One Grain More.” Along with some of his other gluten-oppressed friends, Bihovsky’s Valjean sings about embracing quinoa, xanthan gum, and flax, while detailing his struggle to find a decent chocolate substitute. “Tomorrow we’ll discover foods even vegans have forsworn. Wish us luck, MotherF$#ck! One grain more.” Sounds like a pretty good battle cry.

Watch the clip after the break.