Happy Birthday Ignition: Let’s All Bounce, Bounce, Bounce to R. Kelly’s 11 Best Food Lyrics


R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)” celebrated its 10th birthday yesterday (which means the crooner is probably giving the song a second look right about now — sorry!). The tune was one of Kelly’s best, and helped convince exhausted party-goers everywhere to hit the hotel lobby before going home.

In honor of this modern anthem, we’ve gathered 11 of our favorite R.Kelly food lyrics. Some of these are a stretch, as Kelly isn’t known for his culinary prose, but for the man who shoots a mid-song nod to Angela Lansbury, we’ll let it slide.

No more hopin’ and wishin’, here’s the list.

11. Pregnant (Untitled, 2009): “Take you out to eat, wine and dine/Shoppin’ spree, you sexin’ me/See, I’m not cheap or selfish, babe/Girl, I’m just thirstin’ for that booty, babe.”

10. In the Kitchen (TP-3 Reloaded, 2005): “Cuttin’ up tomatoes, fruits and vegetables and potatoes/Girl, you look so sexy while you’re doin’ the damn thing.”

9. Sweet Tooth (Double Up, 2007): “I can’t wait to drink your milk/You’re lookin’ like a big ol’ piece of cake/I’m all up in your middle/Ooh it taste like Skittles/I’m just keepin’ it real with you Girl/I got a sweet tooth.”

8. Honey Love (Born Into the 90’s, 1992): “You listen, just like a lollipop, you’re so sweet, babe/And your body’s like a lemon drop/Sure tastes good to me.”

7. Etcetera (R., 1998): “Picture this you and me in the kitchen babe, on the counter/Feeding each other fruits babe.”

6. R & B Thug (TP-2, 2000): “On the low, fruit bowls and whipped cream/We can get up on a fancy suite/Thugged out with some Hennessy/See, see, see/Lock your body up and throw away the key.”

5. Don’t Say No (TP-2, 2000): “At the Cheesecake with all of your friends and family/Who’s gonna front the bill? Me/Valet your gator at the club plus buy you drinks/Who gon’ show you love? Me/Spend lots of money winin’ and dinin’ in expensive suites.”

4. Rock Star (Double Up, 2007): “And I’ll, I’ll lick ya, I’ll lick ya down, you taste like cinnamon And I’ll grab a little bit of that whip cream.”

3. Sweet Tooth (Double Up, 2007): “Girl set the table, now let me feast/Strawberry shortcake with whipped cream I can taste it, my mouth is waterin’ for you/Come here girl let me show you.”

2. In the Kitchen (TP-3 Reloaded, 2005): Sex in the kitchen over by the stove/Put you on the counter by the buttered rolls/Hands on the table, on your tippy toes/We’ll be making love like the restaurant was closed.”

1. Ignition (Remix) (Chocolate Factory, 2003): “Hot and fresh out the kitchen/Mama rollin that body/Got every man in here wishin/Sippin on coke and rum/I’m like so what I’m drunk/It’s the freakin weekend baby/I’m about to have me some fun.”