Voice Choices



The last time we saw Arturo Vidich, he was writhing around in a blood-splattered room full of live rats, prosthetic skin peeling off like an uncooked chicken, chanting sweet demonic nothings. So let’s just say his most recent performance is less carnal, more technical. In the The Daedalus Effect and Other Dilemmas, the radical dancer/performance artist has commissioned a collection of modular objects created by sculptors,
architects, engineers, and other scientific well-to-dos. As he maneuvers through this maze of gadgetry, he confronts mechanical malfunction and the concept of the progress trap—very literally. If it all seems too cerebral, remember this is coming from a guy who has been known to take psychedelic drugs onstage in the name of experiential research and do some cringe-provoking things with an electric cattle prod. If anybody can physicalize the age of technology, it might just be him.

Jan. 24-26, 7:30 p.m., 2013

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