Tan Mom’s Coming Back To NYC Gay Club! Lock Up Your Microwaves!


Oh, dear lord.

Last year, Tan Mom–a/k/a Patricia Krentcil, the Jersey lady who denied bringing her kid into a tanning booth, even though they both looked like Ted Danson at a Friars Roast–was the guest of honor for the drag revue Hot Mess at xl, and it was quite memorable.

The woman was fried, toasted, and truly burnt out, as it were.

She was two shakes of a turkey leg away from being completely stuffed and glazed, all while claiming she was Mother of the Year.

Krentcil fell on her dark face on the red carpet when she arrived, then became increasingly incoherent, drunk, and belligerent onstage.

I loved it! Finally, spontaneity had come back to nightlife!

And she’s coming back!

They’re browning and serving the lady as we speak, so she can re-appear under the hot lights and hopefully keep her pigmentation (and marbles).

I am so horrified.

See you there.