The Funniest Celebrity Tweets Are Written By…


Ruth Buzzi, the hilarious, rubber-faced comic best known for Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In, the swinging comedy revue that dominated TV from 1968 to ’73.

Ruthie is retired from show biz and living in Texas, but she’s still cranking out a whole mess of fun missives on Twitter–so fun they’re good enough for Laugh-In.

“When I really, really need a dougnut, I get this glazed look in my eye.”

“I’d like to be more generous, but I’m a giver trapped in a taker’s body.”

“Every family has one really weird member. If you don’t know who that is, it’s probably you.”

“False advertising! I passed by TCU yesterday and saw a building marked Student Loans. I went and in and asked but they wouldn’t loan me one.”

“A group of lions is a pride. A group of fish is a school. A group of baboons is called a Congress…Well, now, that explains a few things.”

“Cats spent 70% of their lives asleep. I’m wondering why more of them don’t go into politics.”

“You can learn a lot from cats. For instance, if you make a big stinky, you should always be the first to cover it up.”

“I hate going to the grocery store on Halloween and people complimenting me on the great costume and makeup, and I didn’t get made up at all.”

“This just in: Al Roker loses lucrative Fruit of the Loom endorsement deal.”

“It’s so cold this morning I saw a politician with his hands in his own pockets.”

“Dyslexics untie”