Drive Through Dinner: Hugh Acheson Plates on Hubcaps


Many chefs would agree that the rim of a plate should remain free from any foodstuffs. Hugh Acheson, however, wouldn’t be one of them.

The former Top Chef Masters contestant and current TC judge served a meal on top of what appeared to be a standard-issed hubcap last night at high Atlanta restaurant, Empire State South.

Eater first notes that the dish was born as a response to a Twitter argument between the chef and Atlanta critic John Kessler. Apparently, Kessler was not impressed by the ESS’s cocktails served in mason jars (so we hope he never visits any restaurant in Brooklyn), and wrote a blog post raising the question, “Is [Acheson] also serving food on hubcaps?” Answer: Yep!

Acheson then tweeted a photo of the “very special special,” to really drive the point home.[Eater]