Mixed Restaurant At Gay Hotel


KTCHN, the restaurant at the OutNYC hotel on West 42nd Street, is a sleek place that’s drawing a mixed crowd–which is perfectly legal, I guess.

I ate in the back room, which feels airy, mirrors adding to the spacial illusion.

The help was very friendly, which made up for the less than speedy pace of food delivery.

And while they don’t talk about “specials,” they do offer “features,” which on Saturday were a three-cheese fondue and a butternut squash soup. (The lamb “feature” had already sold out by 7 PM. Line up early for your lamb features!)

My favorite item was a starter–crispy Maine lobster risotto cubes–which were so bold and tasty I’d now love to start each day with them instead of bagels.

I also had the hanger steak (one of the “Simple Mains”), broccoli rabe, and gelato.

Our booth was so large I wanted to rename it Shirley Booth.

By the way, at xl–the gay club connected to the same hotel–there have been more changes. They’re going to shut down the lounge for a few months and reopen it as an upscale place that’s separate from the dance club.

While it’s still open, I saw Michael Formika Jones and Shelly Watson (subbing for Linda Simpson, who was away) host Drag Bingo there on Friday, which was tons of outrageous yet homespun fun, with gifts I recognized from all my favorite value centers.

I should have gotten a vowel and brought it over to KTCHN!