Pamela Geller Jihads against Vaguely Creepy Breastfeeding Doll on Dr. Drew


When we last saw Pamela Geller, she was doing what she does best: trying to offend as many people as possible with anti-Islam, hate-mongering transit ads while saying she does it all for her love of Islam. So imagine our surprise when she posted a YouTube clip of herself this morning on HLN’s Dr. Drew on Call (what happened, Doc?) debating the appropriateness of a new breastfeeding doll for young girls that makes cooing noises when its head comes in contact witha flowery fake-nipple bib the girls wear over their chests.

It was pretty creepy for reasons that remain unclear, so for once, the Voice deferred to Geller, who, for all her faults, is a loving mother of four daughters.

“This is again robbing our children, robbing our girls of their childhood,” Geller told the panel. “I think this is akin to teaching sex education in first grade. It is a cheapening of the culture. I mean, what’s next, an anatomically-correct doll, a boy and girl?”

Heaven forbid anatomically-correct dolls. She also referred to the dolls as “feminism run amok.” And because feminism has been used as a stand-in for raging deviant whoredom from the right for years, it would follow that breastfeeding is somehow a sexual act. Which, many of us who have been breastfed assure you, it’s most certainly not.

Still, we turned to the Voice Media Group Chief Feminazi, the Dallas Observer’s Anna Merlan, who weighed in.

Although she said she generally objected to anything that portrays motherhood as “a little girl’s manifest destiny,” Merlan took one look at the segment and said, “Why the fuck not?”

Merlan didn’t see what was wrong with girls learning about their bodies at a young age. Speaking about the suckling doll, she said, “I think little white wedding dresses for little girls are probably just as objectionable. But I had one, and I fucking loved it.”

More proof, then, that whenever you’re thinking of agreeing with Pamela Geller, you should probably stop doing that.