The Real Shock About Beyonce’s “Star Spangled Banner”!


No, it’s not that she was lipsynching, singing along, or whatever she was doing.

Way back in 1991, when Whitney Houston did a tremendous job with the tune and it was later revealed to be a lipsynch, it was rather shocking.

But now, in reality show-drenched America, it’s just a “Duh.”

To me, the really shocking thing about Beyonce’s version is that it was a bit of a ripoff (or let’s say homage) to Whitney’s.

When Beyonce hit the big finish, she went with “the la-and of the free-eee–EEE,” going higher with each “eee” in the exact same manner Whitney did.

Believe it not, the song isn’t written that way. It was Whitney’s take on it. And Beyonce appropriated that “EEE” in a way that read to me like highway robbery. (But generally, she was very good.)

The other shocking thing is that Beyonce does an amazing lipsynch job.

She could easily be a drag queen!