Tokyo Restaurant Pioneers Vegetarian Sushi, See the Video


Mmmm, that looks like really fresh uni (sea urchin)

A hot new Tokyo restaurant in the Rappongi Hills section turns the sushi and sashimi traditions on their heads by offering an all-vegetarian menu. This is not just a collection of cucumber and pickled-daikon rolls, either, but beautifully turned out simulacra of normal fish-based sushi. The piece shown above, seemingly very fresh uni, is really made of a carrot puree, and other items are similarly convincing.

A typical vegetarian sushi assortment, this one known as the Hisui (Jade) Course

The translated name of the restaurant is Vegetable Sushi Potager, reports Tokyo-base Asian blog Rocket News 24. The atmosphere of the restaurant is typical of a sushi bar, formal and restrained, and the taste of the vegetarian sushi tends to be even more subtle than its seagoing counterpart. Notes reporter Master Blaster of the flavor: “It takes time to build bit by bit from the bottom of your heart as go through each course culminating in a new understanding of the word “delight”.

A meal begins with sweet-potato chips dipped in no-alcohol sake turned into a creamy dressing. In addition to the sushi assortment, the meal also included a salad, tomato soup, steamed food, dessert, and tea. A set “sashimi” meal is also available (shown below). Here’s the restaurant’s website.

The sashimi course

This “tuna” is sustainable.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 24, 2013

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