Watch Action Bronson Fry Sweetbreads and Stir Risotto


Action Bronson is no stranger to the food world. The New York-based rapper is also a culinary school dropout with an enormous appetite.

Recently, Bronson traveled to Al Mercato in Milan to stir some risotto and discuss his grandmother’s cooking with VICE. Why head to Italy? Because “if you can’t make risotto, you can’t make a good piece of crack.”

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Bronson flaunts his culinary prowess throughout the clip by deftly tossing, scooping, and tasting whatever is put in front of him. He also stops, mid-confessional, to check out a naked email picture sent by his “boo.”

With clumps of food braiding itself into his frizzy bears, Bronson shovels in a few more bites before he has to leave for a show later that night. “Don’t judge me. Nobody talk me,” he begs. We wouldn’t dream of it.