Jessica Vs. Jennifer: Who’ll Nab The Oscar? I Break It Down For You


It’s neck and neck between Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence for the Best Actress Oscar, and in hopes of deciding which of them will get it–to avoid a hideous embarrassment like last year–I’m going to lay out all their individual pros and cons.



She’s very strong in Zero Dark Thirty.

Widely respected.

Was nominated last year.

Radiates dignity and gratitude when giving acceptance speeches.

With Mama and Zero, she has a one-two box office punch.


Except for her big blowup scene, she doesn’t have that many typical Oscar-style moments.

The movie’s gotten a lot of backlash, constant controversy surrounding its content and methods. Chastain’s odds could suffer as a result of that.



She’s terrific in Silver Linings Playbook.

The part lets her show range, and there are plenty of Oscar-style outbursts along the way.

Was nominated before.

Is part of a huge action franchise.

Is young.


Maybe too young? (She’d be the second youngest Best Actress winner in Oscar history.)

Some people see the film as a glorified rom-com.

She was in The Beaver.

I’m still torn, but wait. I just realized one other pro for Lawrence: Behind her is Harvey Weinstein, who’s quite adept at delivering Oscar product and then getting it the gold.

I’m going for J-La right now–but that might still change before February 24.