Questlove Instagrams Jiro Sushi


Some chefs have placed an informal ban on capturing food porn at their restaurants, said
the New York Times earlier this week. Heads from Momofuku Ko, Le Bernadin, and Fat Duck spoke out against diners disrupting dinner service with an incessant need to use flash, tripods, or even stand on their chairs to capture a moment in edible time. And how dare diners upload said photos to wonky social media platforms like Instagram! Here to help us cope with the NYT Istafoodgram shame is Questlove. Last night, the Roots drummer Instagrammed parts of his 19-course meal from Tokyo’s Jiro Sushi, the subject of acclaimed documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi. In this photo’s caption, Questlove said he asked permission from Jiro himself if he could document his experience (#questtojiro).

In another photo, he captured a different dude who had the same idea and was taking a photo. “Seriously you have debates with yourself on whether to eat it. Look at it. Snap it. Or preserve it. This couple was crazier than me!,” he wrote.

When you’re eating a meal that likely costs $300 a person, chances are you’ll want to remember it. Even if you’re a world-famous musician. For his last photo (below) at the tiny sushi mecca, Questlove shoots Jiro and another employee standing outside the door. He captioned, “New Friends. J-Iro changed my life.”

Admittedly, I’ve taken photos of — and yes, even Instagrammed — plates of gooey eggs Benedict or a duo of fatty pork buns. I’ve even done it without asking for permission. But maybe next time I’ll think of my man Quest and nicely ask if my iPhone will bother those around me. Or perhaps chefs will take a page out of Jiro’s book and chill out a bit.