Halle Berry Dumps Her Fake Breasts Into Guacamole


Movie 43 is the outrageous new comedy anthology film in which Hugh Jackman finally has balls.

(He takes off his shirt to reveal testicles hanging from his chin, as Kate Winslet looks appalled.)

On the set, Halle Berry wanted to be part of the wacky fun and bump up the shock value of her performance, so, in an unscripted scene, she ripped off her bouse and dipped her boobies into a bowl of guacamole.

That’s how producer/segment-director Peter Farrelly tells it.

But Berry’s rep is quick to point out that Halle was actually wearing prosthetic boobs.

I guess the actress has shown her real ones so many times she figured you could just imagine them into the scene. Besides, this way, she wouldn’t still be wiping guac off them with a Swiffer.

Despite her semi-bravery, the reviews have been brutal:

“This is the biggest waste of talent in cinema history.”

“A confounding crapfest”

“A miserable piece of crap”

“The year’s first utter disaster”


Oh, well. At least you can say that Hugh and Halle truly have monster’s balls.