WTF is Betsey Johnson Doing?


We’re so confused about Betsey Johnson, you guys. Aren’t you? What is she doing? Although we’ll always love her for helping us fulfill our dreams of looking like a punk rock, glitter-infused cupcake at prom, its been a bumpy road for fans of the nutty 70-year-old designer.

First, in April 2012, she was all, I’m bankrupt and going out of business! And we were like, OH NO (but also a little bit oh yes because everything in her stores went on crazy sale, right down to the mannequins). Then, less than six months after her stores liquidated their stock, she was all, I’m making a comeback! She showed a retrospective of her previous designs at Fashion Week last fall and, since then, has started tweeting pictures of her new designs. Turns out, bankruptcy is a good look for her. So we all rallied and decided our confectionary-inspired fashion didn’t have to stay lost in the early 2000s forever.

But then, she swerved again and told 92Y two weeks ago that her latest collection was “not very runway-worthy” and that she wouldn’t be showing at the upcoming New York Fashion Week. With this uninspiring revelation, we slinked back into our closets to put on something black.

Today, Johnson changed her mind and announced that — just kidding, guys — she’d be showing at Fashion Week after all. She’s even got a date and time booked (February 11th at 5:00 p.m. — can you imagine being able to call Lincoln Center and say, “Give me a tent, suckers, I’m debuting a collection,” two weeks before the biggest fashion event of the year? What clout! What gumption!).

I guess if we ever recover from whiplash, we might go see her show. But after she lowered expectations so much by bashing the collection, we’re not too excited about it. What collections are you looking forward to seeing at New York Fashion Week this year?