Chill, Guys, No One’s Trying to Scalpel Your Pup


Have you seen these Puppylift ads on the subway recently? From a distance, they appear advertise plastic surgery for dogs, asking, “Is your dog a ‘total dog’?” They also display pre- and post-facelift pics of a client’s furry friend.

It’s enough to make sleepy commuters double-take. On closer examination, though, there are hints the ad isn’t for real. For instance, the quote splashed across the center of the ad — “When push comes to shove, I wouldn’t trust my dog’s plastic surgery to anyone but Dr. Armond!” — is attributed to a fictional character on TV’s Kroll Show.

Also, the doggy surgery clinic’s website,, redirects to Comedy Central’s website. Fact-checking on the subway is tricky though, considering most phones don’t get 3G service underground, which has helped trick MTA passengers into thinking the ads are real.

Of course, Twitter exploded with messages from concerned citizens expressing their disgust and confusion over the possibility of puppy plastic surgery, like this one:

And this one:

And this one:

Take it easy, guys; dog plastic surgeons aren’t taking New York by storm. However, the concept isn’t a complete hoax — cosmetic surgery for pets is a real thing. You can put your dog under the knife for procedures such as eye lifts, nose jobs, and even testicle implants (known as Neuticles). The more you know!