Could Argo Win Just One Oscar?


Meaning the Big One.

Argo has been picking up so much steam lately–it copped the PGA, the Golden Globe, and the SAG–that it’s looking like a much healthier Best Picture Oscar candidate than it did when they snubbed Ben Affleck for a Best Director nomination.

As has been pointed out, Hollywood likes the film because it actually shows them in a good light–cooperating with the CIA to stage a fake film that will get Americans out of revolutionary Iran.

And how often is Hollywood shown in a good light, even by Hollywood itself?

If Argo cops the big Oscar, it’ll be the first film to win that without being nominated for director since Driving Miss Daisy.

But Daisy won three other awards, so its copping the grand prize made a little more sense. A Best Picture that only wins one award is unheard of in modern times. It would be weird and in fact downright embarrassing!

So what else can Argo win?

Aren’t score and screenplay supposed to go to Lincoln?

There are also a couple of sound nominations, but don’t those categories usually go to louder films?

In that case, I’m predicting Argo to win editing, so they won’t have to say “Winner of one Academy Award! For Best Picture!”

Yes, I have a lot of free time.