Is The Oscar Curse In Store For Jennifer Lawrence?


Think about it.

Hear much about Sandra Bullock lately? Gwyneth‘s movie career? Natalie Portman? (Yes, I know she has another Thor and a Terrence Malick film coming, but still.)

Kate Winslet did an acclaimed TV miniseries and is now in Movie 43, the outrageous grossout comedy that’s gotten 5% favorable reviews.

Halle Berry went on to Catwoman, Coud Atlas, and of course Movie 43.

Might it not be better to actually not win the Best Actress Oscsar?

(And certainly the Supporting one too; Mira Sorvino, Kim Basinger, Monique, etc.)

Shouldn’t Jennifer Lawrence be praying she doesn’t get it, for her career’s sake?

Yes, I know about Hunger Games 2, 3, 4, and so on, but might she not be terrified that if she wins, she’ll also end up in the inevitable sequel, Movie 44?

And yet, if you were her, wouldn’t you be desperate to get your hands on that damned trophy?