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Let My People Come Is Coming Again


In 1974, the sexual revue Let My People Come became a hormonal sensation, running for 1327 throbbing performances at the Village Gate.

Well, the show has been reimagined, become more interactive and more gay, and it’s opening on Valentine’s Day at the Underground Theatre, 966 West End Avenue.

[Tickets are on sale at or by calling the box office at 866-811-4111.]

Director John Forslund passed along writer Earl Wilson, Jr.‘s insight into what’s coming with the new Come:

“We are embracing the intimate party vibe and we look forward to people’s responses,” says Wilson.

“There are cast interviews mid-show about peoples’ sexuality, their favorite positions, their porn of choice and more. There is also sex trivia with prizes and a few surprises.”

And he’s added a section to the song “I’m Gay.”

Says Wilson, “We are using this revival to focus on what the music was really about all along. Human interaction, equality, freedom, and self expression.

“Whether or not the cast goes nude–which is still a surprise–is not of concern to us. This is not 1974 and shock value doesn’t really cut it anymore in NYC.

“We are speaking very frankly about some topics that not everyone will be comfortable with–but a few better be willing to get their feet wet, because they very well could get pulled up on stage to participate in the making of a fake porno movie or end up in the middle of a simulated sex party.

“If you’re truly lucky, you’ll get to conduct our very own Westboro Baptist Church choir!”