I Just Became Vegetarian By Accident!


For one meal only, but still, it was alluring and educational.

See, I dropped by some Indian dive in the West 20s for a quickie lunch the other day and ordered the $6.99 special, which involved three roti, two vegetables, soup, rice, and condiments.

For some reason, I thought roti were balls of tandoori chicken.

I always have meat with my meals, and I hoped three of them would be enough!

But it turned there was no meat whatsoever on my agenda. Roti is bread!

[Shades of “Soylent green is people!”]

So in abject panic, I sat down to a big plate of yellow rice, cabbage, potatoes, lentil soup, pickles, sauce, and three pieces of bread–and I loved it!

It carried me through the day, despite my terror that without meat in it, my stomach would growl like Sarah Palin when parting ways with Fox News.

Naturally, I went right back to meat that night–old habits die hard–but I started thinking for the first time: Would an all-veggie diet be a possibility for me?

Not the kind where I’d torture waiters–“Is there chicken broth in this sweet potato? No?? Are you sure???? And was this rice ever touched by veal?”–but just where I could hang up my carnivore status, eat lots of veggies, and turn my cheeks into cauliflowers.

Should I start going cold turkey on, you know, turkey?