Insomnia Cookies Serves Warm Treats Late into the Night


When it’s cold outside, what can be as comforting and delicious as a soft, warm cookie fresh from the oven? Filled with melted chocolate chips and smelling of butter and cinnamon, it sounds like one of the best ways to warm up. It would seem, then, that Insomnia Cookies has struck gold with its concept: serving and delivering 12 varieties of warm cookies (and chocolate chip brownies) until 3 a.m. from five locations in Manhattan.

Unfortunately, the gimmick is most of what this bakery has to offer. These lukewarm snacks couldn’t even keep the cold away for half of the five-block walk to the subway. The oatmeal raisin was decent, somewhere in between mom’s homemade and a store-bought variety. If one thing is impressive about this cookie, it’s the sheer number of raisins packed into the 3″ round snack. The flavors were kept simple with just a touch of cinnamon for some wintery spice.

The “deluxe” s’more, on the other hand, was seriously disappointing. The more I ate, the less I liked this Otis Spunkenmeyer double chocolate chip wannabe. While the inside was soft, the outer edge was too hard, not crispy but tough in the way baked goods become when overheated in the microwave. And the flavor was seriously lacking. The baked-in graham cracker pieces added nothing, the chocolate was flat, and the marshmallow was barely there, only present in one bite.

If you’re too frozen to even contemplate mixing your own cookie dough, Insomnia Cookies’ oatmeal raisin might do in a late-night pinch. But I didn’t even finish my two choices; instead, I went home and threw together my recipe for trail mix cookies. The (much healthier, much tastier) result was worth the wait. From now on when I’m walking around in the cold, I’ll stick with a hot beverage to warm me up from the inside.