An Oral History of the “Super Bowl Shuffle” and Other Links


Over the course of the week we read a lot of music stories. Here are a few we love, love, loved.

Are oral histories old hat? Possibly. Is the Super Bowl Shuffle? Most definitely. However, combining the two = MAGIC. [Grantland]

Topless teacher sends pic to Diplo? Yes, please. #freecrunkbear. [Complex]

“While you’re touring, you can’t take a shit on a bus.” Well said, Danny Brown. And that’s not even the best quote. [Pitchfork]

Enough with the “whiskey-soaked vocals” already. Stool Pigeon‘s A-Z Guide to Music Journalism Bullshit [Dangerous Minds]

Kitty Pryde is Just Kitty Now, But We Interviewed Her Anyway [Noisey]

Any time John Mayer speaks to the press, it’s a treat. And it’s even better when he explains why he doesn’t speak to the press. It’s just pretty obvious this guy shouldn’t speak to the press anymore. [Rolling Stone]

In the Wake of Sandy Hook, does country music have a gun problem? …Or do guns just have a country music problem? [Popdust]

When was the last time you thought about Mark McGrath? When was the last time you thought about Sugar Ray? Solve both of those problems, and then never think about either one again. [Spinner]

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