Hear Me Talk Academy Awards Dish! Juicy And Fun Stuff!


Oscar know-it-all Tom O’Neil asked me to chat with him on his site for updates on the Oscar race and how it’s been morphing by the minute.

But it turned out to be just a trick to get me there so he could bitchslap me for my boring predictions!

I defend my lame yet somehow sensible choices, and once I manage to pull myself back together and restore some dignity, we also talk about:

The impact of Tommy Lee Jones‘ sour puss on the Globes. (Will it lead to an even more evil expression on Oscar night?)

Argo‘s ascendence (a case of sympathy for Ben or genuine admiration?)

The importance of the huggability factor for Oscar winners

Why Anne Hathaway is keeping a relatively low profile all of a sudden

And whether there could be a genuine shocker in the Best Actress category. We’re talking a jawdropper.

Check out the podcast. It’s a winner, baby.