How to Make a Fall Back Jack from Burger & Barrel


While a good defense can win games, a great contingency plan is equally important to have on-hand.

Bring the same approach to your drinking strategy this weekend — because the beer will run out eventually– and rely on the Fall Back Jack. The cocktail, created by the team at Burger & Barrel, combines cinnamon, an orange slice, and brandied cherries with Gosling’s rum, Apple Jack, and apple cider. The resulting drink tastes like an American riff on a classic Dark and Stormy, with lingering flavors of sweetness and spice.

The Drink: Fall Back Jack

The Bar: Burger & Barrel

The Price: $13

The Ingredients: 1 sugar cube, 1 brandied cherry, 1 quartered orange slice, 1 pinch of cinnamon, 1 Oz Goslings Rum, 1 Oz Laird’s Apple Jack, 2 Oz Apple Cider

The Method: In an mixing glass, muddle the sugar cube, brandied cherry, orange slice, and cinnamon. Add the rum, apple jack, and apple cider. Shake well and pour into an old-fashioned glass (do not strain).