Meet Your Friendly Neighborhood Great White Shark


Her name is Mary Lee, she weighs 3,500 pounds, she’s swimming around near the Hamptons, and she’s writing about her adventures on Twitter. (She’s even invented her own shark smiley face, fin and all.)

The social media-saavy shark sure gets around fast. Only two weeks ago, she was chilling 200 yards off the coast of Florida, scaring swimmers out of the surf. But now she’s cruising through local waters, visiting important shark landmarks like the Martha’s Vineyard coastline where the 1975 blockbuster Jaws was filmed and house-shopping near East Hampton and Montauk Point.

Mary Lee is a subject of study by Ocearch, a non-profit that hopes her New York vacation will teach them more about great whites’ migratory patterns. The group placed a tracking device on Mary Lee last September, and has been observing her movements ever since.

You can find out where Mary Lee is at any given time by keeping up with her on Twitter or visiting her Facebook page, but be warned — Gregory Skomal of Massachusetts Marine Fisheries says, “Having access to Mary Lee’s movements is addictive.”

Also, we advise utmost caution when approaching Mary Lee on Twitter — if you follow her, she just might follow back.