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Update On Actor Who Objected To Same-Sex Kiss


The other day, I wrote up the story I’d gotten about a theater actor who supposedly refused to do a comic same-sex kiss in a Texas production of the musical Pleasures and Palaces.

The Managing Director finally responded to my request for comment: “I cannot comment on this. My position at Lyric Stage is strictly administrative. I have nothing to do with the artistic aspect of our company and, frankly, was unaware of any issues about the production. Best, Valerie Galloway Chapa”

I emailed her right back, asking how I could get a response from the actor. She gave me the contact info for the theater’s publicist, whom she’d already forwarded the request. So I emailed him and he wrote back, “I was not present at the rehearsal when the issue came up. I know that Bryant Martin is now in California rehearsing OKLAHOMA!. Davis Gaines is making his directorial debut with the production. Steven”

I also found a means of contact for Bryant Martin and asked for his point of view two days ago. No answer.

And certainly no denials.

But we’ll see.