Ben & Jerry’s Announces New 30 Rock-Themed Flavor: Liz Lemon’s Greek Frozen Yogurt



We felt sad and hungry the second the 30 Rock finale ended last night, so Ben & Jerry’s new ice cream is well-timed.

The company teamed up with NBC for their newest flavor, named after Tina Fey’s character, Liz Lemon: a lemon-flavored Greek frozen yogurt with a blueberry-lavender swirl.

For something meant to honor one of the greatest junk-food-loving characters on television, it sounds a little highbrow. (A pint of Night Cheese would have made a finer tribute, but presented more of a challenge for the marketing department.)

Ben and Jerry’s announced the new flavor at a 30 Rock viewing party last night, so expect “Liz Lemon” to land at Ben & Jerry’s shops throughout the country over the next few weeks, then in bodegas and grocery stores soon after.


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