NLRB Rules School Bus Strike Legal


The National Labor Relations Board announced earlier this morning that the Amalgamated Transit Union’s school bus strike is indeed lawful.

A group of 20 bus companies filed a charge with the NLRB arguing that the ATU Local Union 1181 violated NLRB regulations when its bus drivers and matrons went on strike Jan.16.

The companies argued that the strike violates the National Labor Relations Act, which prevents unions from striking against secondary employers as a means to pressure primary employers. But, the NLRB ruled that both the bus company and the New York City Department of Education are primary employers of the union.

With the NLRB ruling, it’s difficult to see an end in sight for the strike. Earlier this week the union announced that the city rejected its offer to suspend the strike in an exchange for a delay in the new bus contracting system and a promise from the city to come to the table to negotiate.

We’ll keep you updated on the strike as new developments become available.

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