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The Five Most Embarrassing Things One Could Slip And Say


You know, in a casual conversation that you thought was perfectly under control.

I’ve done them all and lived to regretfully talk about it (or to talk about it regretfully).

So here they are, in ascending order of embarrassment:

(5) “OMG, I’m so happy for you! When is the baby due?”

A very sweet thought except it turns out they’re not pregnant at all. Whoopsie.

(4) Conversely, “You’ve lost so much weight. You look absolutely amazing. How on earth did you do it?”

Turns out they have a terminal illness. Charming.

(3) “I haven’t seen you in ages! I miss you so much.”

The problem is, you had gotten together just last week. Yeah, it was a group situation, but still, you were both there and didn’t even speak to each other. Lie much?

(2) “How’s your husband, Bruce? I just love that guy. You two are so good together.”

Yeah, except Bruce dumped her for a way younger woman five years ago. Yikes.

(1) “Hi! I just saw your boyfriend the other night with…Um, no, um, never mind. No, that wasn’t your boyfriend at all. I don’t know what I was thinking. Forget all about it. Anyway, you look so thin! Congrats!”

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