What Time Does The Super Bowl Start?


What Time Does the Super Bowl Start? A poem to enthrall and inspire!:

Wrestle, ye brutes of gridiron
Harbaugh brothers came out of the same lady
Attack the neutral zone, which is a football thing
Three-point stance is good for balance

The Ravens are named after a poem, which isn’t that tough
In battle with the 49’ers, whose name is about the Gold Rush, right? 1849?
Maybe 49’ers stands for something else–we’ll never know.
Ever play flag football? Pretty fun, but sometimes people take it too seriously

Doritos on an empty stomach make me feel sick
Oreos would probably be easier to make if they didn’t put all those words on them
Even babies like ketchup, despite it just being vegetables and vinegar
Stop, Hammer Time

The halftime show is going to be something, huh?
Hopscotch, is that like an offensive thing to people from Scotland?
Etan Thomas used to play in the NBA and also wrote poetry

Stables are where you keep horses, but why are people who like horses unstable?
Upper Deck playing cards, better than Topps!
Pharmacists have to get flu shots, because of all the sickos they deal with
Eruption comes before Van Halen’s “You Really Got Me” cover
Royal Rumble is not sanctioned by the Queen

Beef is just another word for cow meat
Owls are real head-turners, get it?
Whales are bigger than buses, but they don’t get their own lanes
Llamas, that concludes this animal-based stanza

Sylvia is a nice name but your mouth makes a lot of spit when you say it
Theodore Roosevelt got a lot of exercise, but was still kinda fat
All’s well that ends well, said a dude who died and now some people don’t believe he existed
Ralph means “puke,” sucks for dudes named Ralph
The Super Bowl starts at 6:30 PM EST

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