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Penny Arcade: NARS Makeup Is Ripping Off My Name!


NARS puts out a Warhol collection of lip glosses, including a raspberry one named after performer Penny Arcade.

(If they really had guts, they would have named it Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore!“)

Well, Penny is suitably pissed.

She wrote on Facebook:

“NARS has no problem advertising THEIR lipstick that uses MY name.

“No consultation, no permission, they didn’t even send me a gross of them to give out to my pals!

“Meanwhile, Penny Arcade is their best selling lipgloss from the Andy Warhol Collection.

“At least Andy Warhol paid us for using our names, our talent, and our charisma.”

I’ve requested a comment from NARS and won’t gloss my lips until I hear back.

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