Video Footage of Cablevision Management Firing 23 Unionized Brooklyn Workers


Last week we reported on the 23 Brooklyn technicians who were fired by Cablevision for allegedly refusing to work Wednesday morning.

The fired technicians were a part of a group of about 70 workers who say that they were attempting to utilize an open-door policy at the company that allows workers to voice work-related concerns to management. They requested to meet with their vice president Wednesday morning to voice their frustrations over their nearly year-long quest to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement with Cablevision–a contract which workers say is being negotiated in bad faith by the company.

The workers were told that the site’s vice president wasn’t available to talk when they initially requested. Many of the workers decided to stay and wait for him to become available. Cablevision says the workers were asked to head out on their routes but refused to comply.

The technicians say they repeatedly expressed their willingness to work. A spokesperson for the Communications Workers of America Local Union 1101, the union which some 280 Brooklyn workers agreed to join last year, told the Voice last week that there’s video evidence that proves that the technicians were willing to work.

Well, there is video footage available now that shows some of the dismissed workers talking to management after the announcement of their firing. While it doesn’t quite inform us about what happened leading up to the firing, it does show management’s attempt to get the workers to turn in their credentials and leave the company’s Canarsie garage.

In the video, the technicians affirm their willingness to work and declare their Weingarten right to remain on the company’s premises until their union representation arrives to review the disciplinary action levied against them.

Check out footage of the encounter below:

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