Eve Plumb Is Hitting The NYC Stage Again!


Broadway maven Seth Rudetsky and his husband James Wesley are mounting four original plays called Midtown March Medley, and the people they’ve gotten involved in it are a way more intoxicating bunch than you usually find off-Broadway–or anywhere.

Tony Sheldon (of Priscilla fame). John Tartaglia (of Avenue Q renown.)

And Eve Plumb, who was Jan on The Brady Bunch, for frikkin’ sake!

(Almost as significantly for me, Eve also starred in the memorable TV movie Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway. It was a searing look at a teen prostitution, and you could reimagine it as if Dawn was running away from the Brady bunch!)

The plays are said to cover topics like “classical music, comedy, incest, strokes, and murder”–and if you don’t think those are five different things, you probably shouldn’t go.

Anyway, Eve is in the play called Unbroken Circle, set in Galveston in 1970.

Seth tells me that “she plays Aunt June, the self-righteous, religious divorcee (from Oral Roberts University) who’s hoping she’s about to inherit the house so she can kick everyone out. She’s really funny in the role!”

And his and James’ 12-year-old daughter Juli plays Patti. (James plays her dad.)

This sounds nepo-tastic!

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