Gov. Christie, You Don’t Look “Startlingly” Healthy, But the Doughnut Gag Was Great


Ah! The old whip-the-doughnut-out-of-your-suit-jacket-pocket maneuver. Shrewd move Mr. Governor.

Play the fat joke on yourself before the comedian can play it on you.

In a brilliant preemptive strike, N.J Gov. Chris Christie addressed the 500-pound elephant in the room — his weight — by whipping out a doughnut during his appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Knowing that Letterman is a big fan of cracking on the governor’s weight, Christie beat him to the punch last night.

Christie earned brownie points with us last month when he slammed Congress for allowing petty politics to trigger a delay in its vote on federal relief funds for states ravaged by Hurricane Sandy. And he gained some more brownie points with us with that doughnut bit last night.

However, we are a little concerned about his rather delusional assessment of his overall health.

“Startlingly good,” is how the 50-year-old governor described the status of his health when asked by Letterman. “I’m basically the healthiest fat guy you’ve ever seen in your life.”

While, we’re not qualified to assess what a “startlingly” healthy man looks like, Christie certainly doesn’t appear to fit the bill. But hey, we at least credit him for possessing the sage foresight to realize that he should probably start getting his body in better shape.

“Now the tell doctor’s telling me that things are going to start to fall off me if I don’t get it together,” Christie so astutely acknowledged.