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Here’s What Governor Cuomo Could Spend $1.5 Billion On


No one’s arguing that you can do a lot with $1.5 billion here.

In the state budget proposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo a week ago, there was a tiny loophole that slipped underneath the radar: the politician has more or less granted himself leeway to spend upwards of $3 billion for, from what it seems, anything he wants.

However, a little more than a third of that amount has been earmarked for economic development projects; $720 million of which is being thrown at ‘transformative‘ economic plans. An additional $400 million or so will be spent on regional projects, higher education and competitive bidding for local school districts.

With that being said, Mr. Cuomo is left with, give or take, $1.5 billion to do whatever the hell he wants with. The Legislature is poised to pass the budget and this treasure chest is becoming closer to a reality.

We’re no mathematicians but, as New Yorkers, we know how to stretch out dollars for a long time, let alone one and half billion of them. So, Governor, we have a couple of ideas to mull over.

1. More Hurricane Sandy relief. Because there’s seriously always room for that.

2. Just give it all to the MTA. If you do that, maybe we won’t have to pay this fare hike. Also, these proposals to avoid subway deaths need funding from somewhere. In other words, the MTA is broke as hell. Feed the beast (or the G train).

3. $1.5 billion is, like, four teacher evaluation deals worth, right? Right.

4. Uh, the rent in Manhattan or Brooklyn is still too damn high.

5. In 2012, the NRA spent $24 million on the Presidential election. That’s about 1/62 of $1.5 billion. Want the NRA to really, really hate you, Mr. Cuomo? [Insert SuperPAC here]

Take them into consideration, please.

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