The First James Bond Song To Win The Oscar?


That could happen if “Skyfall” cops Best Song on February 24.

A lot of people are predicting that number–cowritten and sung by Adele–to go all the way, even though Bond tunes don’t ever nab the gold on Oscar night. Even the classic “Goldfinger,” which wasn’t even nominated!

(Neither were “The Man With The Golden Gun,” “You Only Live Twice,” “A View To A Kill,” “Die Another Day,” etc., etc.)

Here’s the history of Bond songs that were nominated and didn’t get the golden gun, I mean trophy.

“The Look Of Love” was nominated for 1967’s Casino Royale. It lost to the even more pervy “Talk To The Animals”.

“Live and Let Die” was up for Best Song of 1973. But it didn’t live at all. The winner was the misty, water-colored ballad “The Way We Were.”

“Nobody Does It Better” (from 1977’s The Spy Who Loves Me) was nominated and lost to something that did it better, “You Light Up My Life”.

1981’s “For Your Eyes Only” was for your wrong predictions only. “Arthur‘s Theme” copped the prize.

Yikes. I’m shaken and stirred.

And I’m predicting the song from Ted.

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