New York

Blind Items A-Plenty! Get Out Your Skank Detectors!


Blind gossip items are the theme of this week’s column, which is a cavalcade of tawdry yet somehow educational items about the things “who” did to “who else” because “who” never told “whom” that…

Oh, heck, it’s a pulsating extravaganza of querulousness.

Filled with lots of whos, whats, whens, wheres, why, and why nots.

Get ready for some tops and bottoms, a smattering of hustler boyfriends, some polite urination on a sitcom star, a lovely bout of breastfeeding a possum, and a whole batch of entitled behavior, which leads to much huffing and puffing when no one recognizes the frustrated star in question–and not because of their surgery either!

In other words, it’s a typical day on the funny farm.

A lot of this behavior isn’t tawdry at all, actually. It’s just the fact that they try to hide it so shamefully!


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